Meet the Experts: The EOSL Research Staff
Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory




Dr. Gisele Bennett, Ph.D., Laboratory Director 

Dr. Grady Tuell, Associate Lab Director


Darrell Lamm, Ph.D., Chief Scientist



Business Operations

Kim Toatley, Assistant Director of Financial Operations


Landon Bailie, Financial Admin I


Katherine Brown, Admin Professional Sr.


Virginia Myers, Admin Professional Sr.




Research Operations  

Eric Allen, Research Engineer II


Jean-Pierre Emond, Tech Temp


Melissa Germain, Tech Temp


Nick Guida, Graduate Research Assistant


Michelle Richards, Research Associate I 



Ellie Smith, Student Assistant


Leanne WestChief Engineer of Pediatricc Technologies


Jack Wood, Laser Safety Coordinator


ARAT Program Office


Dr. Bill Miller, Ph.D., Program Manager


Eric Allen, Deputy Program Manager


Eric Bell, Research Property Coordinator II 


Scott McPheeters, Senior Research Engineer 


Julia White, Student Assistant


Debbie Winn, Financial Analyst III



Technology Research Areas

Remote Sensing









Dr. Grady Tuell, Remote Sensing Group Lead


Domenic Carr, Graduate Research Assistant







Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Mike Cathcart, Ph.D., Group Lead


Edward BurdetteResearch Scientist I


Sarah Lane, Research Scientist I 

Spencer NicholsStudent Assistant


Keith Prussing, Graduate Research Assistant





Intelligent Sensors
and Imaging Systems


Terence Haran, Group Lead


Andrew Benson, Research Associate II


J. Christopher James, Ph.D., Senior Research Engineer


Cody Lamb, Research Engineer I


Joseph McGaughey, Student Assistant




Alexis Noel, Graduate Research Assistant


Benjamin Quick, Research Technologist I


Matthew Selleck, Student Assistant


Brandon Vaughan, Research

Engineer I



Lidar and Active EO Systems

Gary Gimmestad, Ph.D., Group Lead
Glenn Robinson Electro-Optics Chair


Kendra Albers, Research Engineer I


Eric Brown, Research Engineer I


Robert Case, Research Engineer I


Thomas Craney, Research Engineer I


Haviland Forrister, Tech Temp


Maha Hosain, Research Engineer I


Ryan James, Research Engineer I


Blake Marshall, Student Assistant 


Nathan Meraz, Research Scientist II


Allison Mercer, Research Scientist II


Laura Morgan, Student Assistant


Robert Ortman, Research Scientist I


Priyank PatelResearch Engineer I


Richard Richmond, Senior Research Engineer


David Roberts, Senior Research Scientist 


Tim Strike, Tech Temp


Christopher Valenta, Ph. D.Research Engineer II 


Jack Wood, Laser Safety Coordinator


Modeling & Analysis (EOMAG)

Darrell Lamm, Ph.D., Electro-Optical Modeling & Analysis Group Lead






Missile Warning, Machine Learning, and Software Development

Greg Rohling, Ph.D.Group Lead


Edward Clarkson, Ph.D., Research Scientist II


Jennifer HurtResearch Scientist I 


Daniel Long, Research Engineer I


Kevin Nielson, Ph.D., Research Scientist II


Ryan O'Neill, Research Scientist I



Brian Parise, Research Scientist I


Edward Patterson, Ph.D., Temp Professional Advisor


Miles Price, Research Scientist I


Derek Saez, Student Assistant


Albert Sheffer, Ph.D.Principal Research Scientist


Brian Smith, Research Scientist I


John Stewart, Senior Research Engineer


John Turgeson, Research Scientist I


Jason Zutty, Research Engineer I


IRCM Analysis

Charlie Carstensen, Group Lead


Samuel Glidewell, Ph.D., Research Scientist II


Andrew Hardin, Research Engineer I


Greg McCormick, Research Engineer II


Kevin Martin, Research Scientist I


Matthew SchuchardResearch Scientist I




Applied Engineering

Dr. Bill Miller, Ph.D., Interim Group Lead


Pat Bartlett, Research Engineer II


Neil Bhadsavle, Research Scientist II


Douglas Cohen, Senior Research Scientist


Jason Cordero, Research Engineer II


Dawson Foushee, Co-Op


Matthew GoodallResearch Scientist I


Robert Jackson-Bryan, Research Engineer II


Joe Luck, Student Assistant


James LundResearch Engineer II


Eric RaderResearch Scientist I


Sarah Prather, Senior Research Engineer


Brandon Stringfield, Research Technologist I


Wilbur Tinsley, Research Engineer I


US Army Support and Special Projects

Jeffrey Garnett, Ph.D., Group Lead


James Larsen, Senior Research Scientist


Raymond PerryResearch Professional Assistant

Anthony Wasilewski, Research Engineer II


Drew Webber, Research Scientist I




Nanotechnology (MNG)


Brent Wagner, Ph.D.Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Group Lead


Chase Culler, Affiliate


Cameron Davis, Affiliate


Robert Fisher, Affiliate


Stanton HalpernClean Room Research Coordination Manager 


Carter Johns, Affiliate


Ricardo Saenz Landazabal, Affiliate


Virginia Liao, Graduate Research Assistant


Kavin ManickarajGraduate Research Assistant


Andrew Milhollin, Student Assistant


Nathan Minor, Student Assistant





Jud Ready, Ph.D., Principal Research Engineer


Evan Sadlon, Affiliate


Graham Sanborn, Graduate Research Assistant


Michael Sansouci, Affiliate


Ryan Sheehan, Student Assistant


Don SwankTech Temp


Morgan Watt, Affiliate


Marc Williams, Affiliate



Structured and Applied Materials Branch

Jason Nadler, Ph.D., Group Lead


Brooke Barta, Research Engineer I


Michael Culler, Graduate Research Assistant


Keri Ledford, Research Scientist I



Lex Overholt, Student Assistant


Judy Song, Ph.D., Senior Research Engineer 


Stephan Turano, Research Engineer II



Optical and Electronic Devices Branch

Zhitao Kang, Ph.D. Group Lead


Hunter Chan, Research Engineer II


Mike Harris, Temp Professional


Ben Jacobs, Affiliate



Matthew King, Research Engineer I


Hisham Menkara, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist


Wusheng Tong, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist

Radio-analytical Chemistry Branch

Robert RossonGroup Lead 


David Crowe, Electronics Technician II


Jeffrey Lahr, Research Scientist II 



Bernd Khan, Ph.D., Temp Professional Advisor






Landmarc Research Center

Mobile and Wireless Platforms

Heyward Adams, Director Landmarc Research Center


Yevgeniy Agalov, Student Assistant


Gregory Bishop, Student Assistant


David Burke, Research Engineer I


Luke Dinges, Affiliate


Kathryn FletcherResearch Scientist I


Warren Ginn, Tech Temp


Trevor Goodyear, Student Assistant


Brittiany Hailey, Tech Temp


Ralph HerkertPrincipal Research Engineer


Ryan Hollis, Student Assistant


Jeffrey Jo, Tech Temp


Shawna Hagen, Tech Temp


Chase Johnston, Co-Op


Shane Owens, Research Engineer II


Brian WellsResearch Scientist I





Centers of Excellence


Military Sensing Center

Ben MedlinSENSIAC Director


Catherine Chapman, Student Assistant


Vladimir Copper, Program Coordinator I


Robin Finey, Program Manager


Sheree Colestock-Lamm, Graphics Specialist



Danielle WrightRecords Coordinator II


Elaine Young, Administrative Supervisor



Environmental Radiation Center

Robert Rosson, Environmental Radiation Center Director


Bernd Kahn, Ph.D., Temp Profressional Advisor


Medical Device Test Center Ralph Herkert, Medical Device Test Center Director
Phosphor Technology Center Brent Wagner, Ph.D., Phosphor Technology Center Director
Center for Optimization   
of Simulated Muliple Objective
Systems (COSMOS)    
Greg Rohling, Ph.D., COSMOS Center Director


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