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Landmarc Research Center

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RFID Applied
Edited by Jerry Banks, David Hanny, Manuel A. Pachano, Les G. Thompson

Featuring the chapter authored by EOSL director: Gisele Bennett, “RFID in the USA."


Where most of the books available cover specific technical underpinnings of RFID or specific segments of the market, this co-authored book by both academic and industry professionals, provides a broad background on the technology and the various applications of RFID around the world. Coverage is mainly non-technical, more business related for the broadest user base, however there are sections that step into the technical aspects for advanced, more technical readers.


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RFID Technology and Applications
edited by Stephen B. Miles, Sanjay E. Sarma, John R. Williams

Featuring the chapter authored by EOSL researchers: Gisele Bennett and Ralph Herkert, “Deployment Considerations for Active RFID Systems.”


Using specific industry examples the challenges, trends and key business questions in RFID development and implementation are addressed using insights from world-leading laboratories. For researchers, practitioners and managers in electrical engineering.


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Landmarc Research Center


Landmarc Research Center developes cutting-edge mobile and wireless solutions, including personal captioning for entertainment and sports venues.


Within the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a component of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Landmarc is a multi-discipline, research and development center focused on mobile and wireless solutions. Landmarc's scientists and engineers create solutions through creative combinations of multi-disciplinary analysis and software engineering. Working closely with their customers, Landmarc teams seek to completely formulate the problem and its constraints. From that understanding, flexible, focused teams of researchers from several disciplines work to create the most effective solution for a given problem.


Landmarc has expanded from its award-winning focus on logistics and maintenance to include broader technologies and capabilities such as sports and entertainment venue captioning, mobile platform computing, wireless solutions, location-based services, software and hardware usability and universal design,  website and database development and management, and information display technologies.



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Landmarc's reservoir of expertise offers a full spectrum of resources. Our capabilities include:


  • Mobile Computing

  • RFID

  • Wireless Systems

  • Software Engineering

  • Website Development

  • Database Management

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