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EO Modeling & Analysis Group

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Center for Optimization of Simulated Muliple Objective Systems (COSMOS)

The Center for Optimization of Simulated Multiple Objective Systems (COSMOS) provides the capability to analyze and optimize complex systems through the use of simulation tools. These tools have been developed according to a proven methodology for the evaluation and optimization of complex systems using simulation.  


Center Capabilities

  • Classified

  • 500 Node cluster

  • 20 Terra bytes of user storage

  • Redundant backups

  • Scaleable

Advantages of Simulation


Simulations provide the ability to test systems in conditions that cannot be achieved with hardware. Test setup limitations and safety considerations can make simulation the only feasible testing option. Sensor simulation data is often used to stimulate hardware with inputs that can not be achieved in field tests. Simulations coupled with cluster computing also provide more results faster than hardware. 


Multiple-Objective Optimization 


Systems typically require multiple, often competing, objectives to be optimized. Typical objectives for a given system often include the probability of detection and false alarm rate, or cost and size.


Multiple Objective Evolutionary Optimization 

These techniques provide a method of determining a set of solutions that define the compromises that can be made between objectives. GTRI has developed specialized techniques that speed the convergence of solutions for systems that require multiple simulations to evaluate multiple objectives properly. 

Example Applications


Optimization of AAR-44 IR Missile Warning Receiver   





Optimization of AAR-47 UV Missile Warning Receiver 

Developers of OFP Versions 20.0, V21.22, V21.32  


Working with ATK for Optimization of Version 22.22   




Optimization of Flare Patterns for Imaging and Non-Imaging Threats  




Patterns fielded for: 
  • C-17

  • EC-130J

  • MC-130H

  • AC-130H

  • C-130U

  • C-130E

  • C-130H

  • C-130J\ M

  • H-53J/M  








  • HH-60G

  • A-10

  • Airbus A-340

  • Citation 5

  • C-26

  • RC-12

  • U-28

  • RC-7B





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